Hi Julia, my baby - beagle 11 mo male has started showing skin issues - rashes, reddish skin with thickened area one area, itchy patches which lead to hair loss. the patches are reddish, have some brown small dotting and hair loss. he had to take a few painful injections. his regular diet is kibble once as breakfast - arden n grange, and lunch n dinner are veggies, brownrice, sometimes eggs, chicken broth n chicken. i have just purchased the rabbit mean and feed him dehydrated chicken bones, goat ears which are bearable. im a vegetarian myself. any tips on how to work on his skin issues? another prodcut based question - does a pizzle stink? i want him to get a good chew session but i cant store chewed bones/pizzles in the freezeer. My family already dislikes me feeding all the stuff to him. please help